Study at Amity

Amity London is a young organisation offering undergraduate and postgraduate management degrees in the heart of the capital.  Our Bloomsbury site is conveniently located in the city centre and connections with nearby Birkbeck College and the Senate House Library mean that our students study and learn in state-of-the-art University of London facilities.

A Global Outlook

We are pleased to be based in one of the world's truly global cities.  London is a thriving hub of peoples and cultures and our university reflects this dynamic.  Studying here you will join a global student body with an international outlook that serves to enliven debate and enrich the learning experience.  In an increasingly interconnected world the future belongs to the outward looking and having such exposure on your course is a valuable bonus.

Career-Focused Learning

Because we understand that the global job market is fiercely competitive all our courses are taught with the aim of providing students with practical, transferable skills to help them to continue to develop and adapt in the workplace long after graduation.  What is more, at Amity courses are taught in small classes with a student to tutor ratio with which larger universities cannot compete.  This enables our students to benefit greatly from the experience and knowledge of the tutors, whilst also allowing our staff to build a better relationship and understanding with those they teach.  In addition, our London location places students a step ahead on their career path.  With 100 of Europe's 500 biggest companies headquartered in the city, opportunities abound to work at the forefront of your field, whichever direction you choose.

Balanced Schedules

With the increased cost of education, the numbers needing to take paid employment during the course of their studies have never been greater.  At Amity we understand the obstacle that traditional timetabling may place in the path of a successful work-study balance and ensure that contact hours are grouped together to free up as many days as possible, allowing students maximum flexibility in their life outside university.  We also strive to help by maintaining the highest standards for staff, services and facilities, whilst keeping down the cost of study.  We work hard to ensure that our students graduate ready to make their mark on the world without the burden of a large debt.

A Welcoming Environment

We take pride in our students' achievements and, alongside the quality of the education they receive, we regard their welfare as paramount in helping them to flourish.  With regard to matters academic or practical our staff are always available to offer any guidance they can.  This is why we have already forged a strong reputation for student support and ethical standards, with QAA (the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education) audit success as testimony to Amity being a great choice for students from all over the world.